@Chris Stanford

Nicole Lloyd hails from Allentown, Pennsylvania. At the age of thirteen, after not making the final cut for the JV volleyball team, she enrolled in a local photography class. She was instantly hooked and by the time she was eighteen she was packing her bags for New York City to study art. Nicole graduated with honors from the School of Visual Arts with a B.F.A in Photography; not long after graduation (and a slew of different jobs including custom color printer, rental studio manager and scanning technician) Nicole made her way to Los Angeles to continue working on her personal image making and pursue a career in advertising as an Art Producer. Fast forward several years later and Nicole now lives with her husband, two daughters and dog in Austin, Texas after a brief 15 month layover in Atlanta, Georgia. She currently works independently as a photo and video producer for her company Hello Pictures and she is the co-founder of the national, vetted production crew site Make Create. She does this all while still enthusiastically pursuing her fine art career.